CSA Membership

Top Five Reason to Join The Home Grown Farm CSA

1) You get to CHOOSE what you get each week!
2) We have 8 pick-up locations around Waco and office delivery! Now delivering to Temple!
3) With text message reminders for customizing and picking up your box, you won’t forget when to pick up!
4) You support hard-working, local farmers and keep your money local!
5) Our payment plans make it as affordable as ever for consumers to get the best produce for their family!


The Home Grown Farm is a small, family farm outside of Waco, TX. For now, our CSA service area covers the greater Waco area. If you live outside this area and want to be a member of the Home Grown Farm, email us here and we’ll see what we can do! We do things a little differently here at the Home Grown Farm. We want to provide you with fresh, naturally grown, and healthy vegetables while making it as convenient as possible. We love carrots_modthe model of the Community Support Agriculture (CSA) but we don’t want that to come at the expense of a great customer experience. We do what we do for many reasons. We love providing healthy food for your dinner table. We love doing it naturally, not relying on chemicals or pesticides — it’s hard work, but we think it’s worth it. We enjoy providing a way for people to support local farms that is convenient for them and involves them in way that transforms the way they see food.

So how’s our CSA different?

Most CSAs provide their members with a box of vegetables every week based on the harvest for that week giving the CSA member no choice in what they receive. And while that’s a great model for the farm, it doesn’t work for most consumers and families. After all, who wants zucchini for 4 weeks in a row, or turnips and radishes in the same week? So we’re changing up the way we do things. We’re giving you the choice! cabbage_mod Each week, as a member, you’ll be able to log in to your account and choose the vegetables you want delivered the next week. You’ll be able to personalize your share with the finest vegetables growing that season. buynow We also believe it’s important to provide additional products each week for your family to enjoy. Whether that’s bread, jams, desserts, or canned/frozen home grown vegetables — we understand that we needto provide diversity to our members.


So what are the details about the CSA?

In 2014, we will have three CSA Seasons:

  • Spring 2014 – Mid January to Mid April (15 Weeks)
  • Summer 2014
  • Fall 2014

We have two different tiers of membership. There is a $50 deposit required to reserve your spot but is deducted from the total amount due. cauliflower_mod

Half Shares:

  • Half Share Membership: $225 for Spring or Summer
    • Half shares receive $15 credit every week and can order either every week or every other week.
    • Half share would be appropriate for two people.

Full Shares:

  • Full Share Membership: $375 for Spring or Summerbuynow
    • Full shares receive $25 credit every week and can order either every week or every other week.
    • A full share would be appropriate for four people.


What Kind of Produce Do You Have Available?

Because we farm seasonally, we eat seasonally. We think that’s the best part of a CSA — putting diversity in your diet. Every week we provide recipes and tips and tricks on how to prepare a variety of vegetables available that week. We think this helps you introduce new, delicious tasting produce to your love ones. Since our available produce list varies from season to season, we publish a list of available of produce that should be available that week. That being said, the weekly availability will fluctuate some based on what we’ve been able to harvest that week. We’ve listed what we’re planning on having for the  Fall 2013 CSA here.

How Do I Get My Share?

Beginning in 2013 we will offer two options for getting your Home Grown CSA Share:

  • Office Delivery: For an addition $5/week, we will deliver right to your office!
    • If 5 members deliver to the same office, office delivery is FREE!
  • Share Pickup: We’ll work with you on finding a suitable pickup location and day of the week that is convenient for you. Pickup locations vary from season to season and are hosted by volunteers. Before each season we put extensive work in trying to accommodate all of our members. The pickup locations are:

How Will Payment Work?

We’re excited to make payment plans available for the first time. We believe this will make getting local, all-naturally grown produce more affordable than ever. Our payment options are:

  • One full-time payment ($5 administration fee applies per payment, credit card only)buynow
  • Two equal payments ($5 administration fee applies per payment, credit card only)
  • Four equal payments ($5 administration fee applies per payment, credit card only)

Enough already, I’m ready to sign up!

If you’re ready to join the Home Grown family, we’ve made signing up easier than ever with the online form and secure payment processing. Just pay for your deposit and we’ll get the rest of the information from you soon. Buy Now!